Pangeon Vineyards

The team

In an area with centuries of history and experience in viticulture, at the foot of the Pangeon Mountain and more specifically at the prefecture of Kavala, in a small village called Eleftheres, old and new grape producers have decided to join forces and form a producers group called “Pangeon Vineyards”


The older ones had decided to move away from the older legal form of cooperatives and to use their deep experience and skills  acting as mentors to the younger people of the team, while the younger in age members in exchange would  assist their team with the use of new technologies.

The benefits

As the team leader Mr Nikolaos Martos pointed out, the benefits of this union and the common needs were greater than the grumbling and the challenge of creating a like-minded group of common interests dedicated to producing quality grapes was what bonded the members of this team.

Pangeon Team

Pangeon Team cultivates grapes with great care combining the experience and the new knowledge of table grape technology that reflects the peculiarities of the Pangeon ecosystem. The variety mostly cultivated is Sultanina and to a lesser extent Crimson seedless, varieties that are fully acclimated to the microclimate in the area.

All team members, although belonging to different age groups, are constantly seeking new knowledge and new varieties to enhance their market position.



They all remain committed to creating quality products through a productive process that respects the environment and highlights the special physical and cultural characteristics of their place.

- Pangeon Vineyards


Eleftheres Kavalas, 64007, Greece

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